Some of my handy work…

I have an insatiable curiosity for all the forces impacting how humans human.

A strategist’s job is to set the stage for the magic to happen. To dig under rocks and connect dots and help brands reimagine their future.

I help companies solve big ole meaty business problems by engineering unfair advantage.



examples help

My grandpa built cars, I build pieces of Internet Culture


Since 2009 I have tracked every single human space flight and logged it on my website.


That website grew from a long URL joke to become People In Space: the first and only social network for space


A website so exclusive it started the billionaire space race

The result is an icon of the Internet Buzzfeed call the “#1 Website That Will Change Your Entire Fucking Life”

I turn brands into

patrons of culture

Chicago Bears X Joe Fresh Goods

I had a simple idea for the Bears: what if instead of paying a retail conglomerate to make this season’s team merch, we asked local legend (and West Side native) Joe Fresh Goods how he’d spend the money?

Joe showed them how to connect the team with a new generation of fans they traditionally struggle to reach

Fund The Communities

You Usually Appropriate


Half the proceeds from merch sales went to Social Works, Chance the Rapper’s Chicago based Youth Empowerment Charity


by smartwater

Did you know that different frequencies of sound have different impacts on your mind, body and soul?

To explore this insight, we created smartbeats:

A first-of-its-kind program designed to enhance your holistic wellness through the fusion of music, technology, and hydration.

4 artists creating

4 tracks inspired by

4 smartwaters

Designed to enhance your flow, mental balance, get you to move, or simply connect with friends

Brought together by a world class producer

Chaz Bear

(Toro Y Moi)



Built in collaboration with the sound design technology platform Endel

I lead integrated strategic & comms planning across major creative, media, social & PR agencies

I find, fuel, and tell interesting human stories in modern ways

Coca Cola presents:

One Last Summer

I convinced Coca-Cola to capture the summer’s long journey of 6 real friends as they grew up, grew together, and grew into themselves. 

The resulting docu-series chronicled one of the most milestones-packed and viscerally relatable seasons of life (and is better than most Bravo shows, IMO)

Leinenkugel’s Lenie Friday

For Leinenkugel’s, Summer is all that matters. And for good reason… Summer Shandy is as synonymous with Summer as leaving work early May-August.

So, we created Leinie Friday

That one time I made

Jake Leinenkugel (5th gen family brewer) act like he was on The Office


I turn passive communities into raving cults and fandoms

vitaminwater wet_fam

what would happen if a brand said yes to every single person that asked to be sponsored?

wet_fam, that’s what.

And then what if that brand tried to sponsor anyone with a pulse?



the social internet’s most devoted brand fandom has evolved to include discord channels, memes, inside jokes, and brand issued stimulus checks



shorty awards finalist:

best online community


I empower artists to get paid rather than commoditized

Chicago Bears X Craig Hensel

The Miami Dolphins have the beach. The Green Bay Packers have snow.


But the Chicago Bears are the only NFL team that evolved along side an iconic American city. The only true urban franchise.


To capture the glass and steel of the Bears natural habitat, we had to get some height.


So I enlisted photographer Craig Hensel to literally jump in a helicopter and chronicle how the city changes over the course of an entire football season.


Fun fact:

Craig let me on the helicopter exactly once


Chicago Bears X Street Artists


To flood the city with Chicago Bears art and vibes, we partnered with Chicago Truborn (a leading gallery for the aerosol arts) to fill a roster of highly acclaimed Chicago street artists.


Meet Sick Fisher

We cut deals to cover walls located between popular game-day bars and Solider Field.



I help global juggernauts beat their ambitions

Amazon 2020

Peak hiring


2020 was a big year for Amazon as the world locked down. To fill their peak season (July-Dec) Amazon needed the largest hiring push in modern history.

To do so, I pushed them to evolve the narrative around Amazon employment to be less tech-industry-inpirational and more honest and aware.


We humanized their employees, not shying away from the pragmatic reality of employment and the role a steady paycheck pays in today’s uncertainty



The results: the largest hiring campaign in human history.

Coca-Cola North America Social Center


Nearly every piece of social content shared by Coca-Cola brands in North America is strategized, ideates, produced, and measured by the socialcenter, a highly collaborative internal agency comprised of Coke employees + agency talent. 





I helped form and define the strategy practice in ATL, propelling the socialcenter to be an industry-wide case study in effective social content at scale

I’m ruthlessly optimistic about a brand’s ability to do (even a little) good

Mike’s Hard Lemonade: Laughs Over Lemonade



When the world shut down, all our plans fell through. So we quickly pivoted, tapping comedians (and lemonade) to provide even the briefest break from our WFH reality.

The Shorty Awards finalist:

Best Branded Series


Much of the work above was created in collaboration with incredible teams of art directors, writers, developers, strategists and dreamers.