I believe the fastest way to fix the system is to use it against itself.
work is changing forever agencies are broken advertising doesnt work social media is going dark the map of america is changing new regional juggernauts are being built, I want to help my home town be there these mountains hold magic new people, new opportunities how brands show up in society is changing brands have a new role to play in our society patrons of what they stand for
The right question is usually more important than the right answer to the wrong question. Alvin Toffler
Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain
The no ones no one goes to your brand's facebook page no human cares about your loyalty program except for people already loyal to you no customer wants a "relationship" with your packaged good no person needs a brand to help them find themselves no one wants to "share their story" with your brand funnels arent a thing anymore no one watches your television ad no one sees your banner ads no one wants to visit your micosite no one is going to download your app no one believes that mom blogger actually likes your product no one cares about your twitter chat no one watched your 8 minute video no one watched that native video no one saw your timely tweet about that award show/sport game no one wants your brands #challenge video no one is looking forward to your #twitterparty no one is asking for branded emojis no one is clamoring for more brands that are also publishers no one thinks you are apple, tesla, red bull or ge no. one. likes. pre-roll. no one cares about your ugc no one cared about your qr code no one is gonna watch your 30 minute live-stream interview with your brand director about product innovation no one needs you to help them elevate summer no one wants you to “break through the noise” no one wants you to “flip it on its head”
Today my resume feels alive with purpose. What does that mean exactly? I couldn’t say. If I were to think about it my head would explode, and then you would have to deal with that. It’s just something I’ve come to believe, like how some days the sun rises in the east and on others we continue our never-ending plea for some great event which we will recognize as occurring once the strings kick in and the narrator warmly and wisely intones It was then that they fully understood their purpose in life, retired to the country, and lived happily ever after but friends, until then, let’s burn everything to ground and keep it that way until all that we can see is dead and gone and we are finally alone with our feelings which we are absolutely terrified of. Sasha Fletcher